In the beginning . . .


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Sitting in the office of Tom’s retina specialist, I broached the idea of doing a blog together about what it is like to live with Type I (Juvenile) Diabetes. The idea had been percolating in my inner thoughts for a year or so, but the timing never seemed quite right, my muse was out to lunch, the bird ate my brain – you know, the list of excuses that hover when one isn’t quite ready to begin something new.

Finally, about a month ago, in the doctor’s office, I asked.”Tom, what do you think about the two us writing a blog about the ups and downs (sugartively speaking) of what life is like living with diabetes?“. He surprised me with a quick yes.

Timing is everything.

Once we decided to embark on this new writing venture, a crisis arouse, related to diabetes, and there it sat, simmering, on a back burner, until now.

We hope to provide some insight into the complexities of a disease that is anything but simple and to illuminate the path of an every-changing condition over the last four decades. We hope to encourage those who are dealing first hand with Type I Diabetes, along with those sharing their journey and perhaps provide a forum for sharing thoughts.

Life with any incurable disease is rather like a cumbersome backpack to carry; it can be heavy at times, but, can also be filled with the joys of raising a family, having a career, living a full life, and doing the things everyone else does.

So, here we go, on a quest to bring you into the story of us.

Tom and Penny