From Penny’s friend, Debra, over at Breathlighter.


This post is a little longer than I usually include, but some stories aren’t easily made bite-sized!

Isn’t this a handsome (I’d say beautiful, but he might not approve) young man?

This is Jack, an active and charming 5-year old with an abundance of interest and little boy curiosity. He goes to school and plays on a soccer team and has a full and very active life. He loves his mom and dad, his twin sister, Scarlett, and his cousins and grandparents, aunts and uncles and a big wide circle of friends.

But I’m not sure Jack knows how many, many people love him!


I doubt he’s even once thought about how many of us have loved him since before he was born.


Jack’s mom, Dani, has been an invited member of our family since she and Aimee formed a special and lasting friendship that first day of Kindergarten so…

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