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LordOfTheFliesBookCoverTom still has it; the stamina, the fortitude, the razor-sharp aim. Even with altered vision and fingers scarred from thousands of blood inducing needle pricks, Tom still has it. He can still take down a common house fly with laser precision using nothing more than a rubber band.

Tom IS the Lord of the Flies.

It has been far too long since our last post here. Life and time just got in the way, but, I did want to let you all know how things are going with Tom since his eye surgery this past December.

He is doing well. His right eye has healed. He is working hard, both designing at the computer and in the office, and physically, building things, repairing the riding mower, hauling tree limbs, chasing grandchildren, and forever digging holes for me to plant in.  Tom soldiers on.

While the surgery went well, Tom’s vision has not improved as we had hoped. The macular edema remains a challenge as it still “thinks” the epiretinal membrane, peeled away during the surgery, is still in place. In an effort to retrain the macula, shots continue to be injected into the eye by the retinal specialist. The good news is that the length of time between shots has lengthened, giving us hope.

In-the-meantime, Sir Thomas is still the Lord of the Flies!