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DSCN3342We meant to post sooner, but, life has managed to get in the way, and we find we need to do a bit of blogging housekeeping.

Thank you for reading Brittle. Thank you for commenting. We are finding that we may not be able to respond to everyone, at least for right now, hope you understand and that you know that your thoughts and words are appreciated. However, if you have a particular or pressing thought or concern about diabetes, DO feel free to ask. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We both love to hear from you all.

Our first posts were about our early days dealing separately, and as a couple, with JD. We hope to do more of that. We spoke of Tom’s early experiences with insulin reactions and how Dr. Stevenson got him on track in the early years. There have been other doctors along the way which we hope to bring to light, and there are doctors right now who care for Tom.

In the early years, there were no glucose monitors (glucometers), nor were there insulin pumps. It was a guessing game, at best, to where Tom’s sugar levels were the first 15 or so years into his condition. It made living with Type I diabetes even more of a challenge. It also set the stage for diabetic related conditions; neuropathy, retinopathy, circulatory issues, foot ulcers, etc.

Tom has been dealing with a serious visual problem in his right eye for several years. Treatment, in the form of shots in the eye, kept the condition initially at bay, but have brought on several eye infections, one of which was dire a little more than a month ago. We are currently preparing for a delicate surgery in a few weeks. Tom will need a vitrectomy with a peel of an epiretinal membrane. It is complicated. Recovery will be slow, Doctor visits long and often. We are hopeful. Our energy levels just aren’t where they need to be to write at the moment.

Until that level returns, I thought you might like to read a post I did several years ago when Ron Santo, a Chicago icon, passed away. There is a connection to Tom, and you can read it by clicking on here.

We’ll be posting again soon. Penny